Hartmann Minimalist

You don't have to be flashy to draw attention. With a sleek appearance and tons of interior organization designed to fit the modern lifestyle, the Hartmann Minimalist collection appeals to those who value chic style, professionalism, and efficiency. Each piece is fully lined and made with durable water, oil, and stain repellent nylon material with luxurious, understated accents of fine leather and gunmetal hardware. With any of the three designs included here, you'll discover timeless quality that will serve your lifestyle for years. The Hartmann Minimalist collection: sometimes, less is more. 

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Weight: 2.4 lbs
Hartmann Minimalist Backpack
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Weight: 3.3 lbs
Hartmann Minimalist Double Compartment Brief
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What We Like about Hartmann Minimalist Luggage

Everything we sell here at Luggage Base has been carefully selected to fulfill our customers' needs. Choosing to sell Hartmann Minimalist luggage seemed like a no-brainer. Here are the qualities we like most about this collection; qualities we think you will really like, too. 

- We love the sleek look of the products in this collection. Classic black color with clean lines and understated detailing of leather and gunmetal hardware make these pieces look professional without seeming boring. They seem to stand out among other classic black business bags on the market. 

- These bags may look simple on the outside, but trust us, they have TONS of smart features on the inside. Each has dedicated compartments for a laptop, tablet, and a full organizational panel compartment for personal electronics and accessories. These are all padded for extra protection. 

- Hartmann Minimalist bags are durable. Their nylon exterior and linings beautifully resist water, oil, stains, and dust. They also come with Hartmann's Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees you many years of quality use.