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CY luggage has branded themselves as Gabbiano luggage. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Packed with exceptional value and sleek designs, products of CY Luggage Inc are extremely lightweight and ultra durable. CY Luggage uses high-quality hard shell materials made from 100% Polycarbonate, which is durable yet pliable and offers one of the lightest luggages one can buy.

Combine this with smooth large 360 degree spinner wheels that glide across the floor with ease, and you can see why CY Luggage is becoming a customer favorite for price and value when compared to similar items from other manufacturers at twice the cost.

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Weight: 10.3 lbs
Gabbiano Moda Lite 3 Piece Set
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Price: $925.00 $199.90
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     CY Luggage strives to make durable, long-lasting products that will last you many travels. They have many product lines to choose from such as Gabbiano, Charlie Sport, and Topline. Their luggage comes in a durable ABS or polycorbonate hardside and a polyester softside so you can choose the level of protection you desire.

     CY Luggage understands the importance of keeping your items that you travel with protected. That is why they strive to make sure their products can stand up to the rough treatment that luggage sometmes goes through. By using ABS and polycarbonate plastics to make their luggage, it makes the luggage untearable and practically crushproof. The 4 wheel design makes maneuvering your luggage a breeze.

      Whether your planning a short trip, or one across the country, CY Luggage has durable stylish luggage that will make sure all your stuff travels with you securely, undamaged, and all in one piece. Their color options are pretty unique so that way it makes it much easier for you to find it at the airport.