Samsonite Inova

Sleek and low-profile, the Samsonite Inova Spinner luggage collection is the sophisticated next generation of Samsonite luggage. Samsonite Inova luggage features textured exteriors made of 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate provide impact resistance and reduce the appearance of scratches from typical wear and tear usually found on polycarbonate luggage. Their telescoping handles retract flush with the rest of the case, conserving precious inches and reducing the risk of damage. Elegant, innovative, and functional, Samsonite Inova Hardside Spinner luggage is the perfect travel companion. 

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Weight: 10.3 lbs
Samsonite Inova 28" Hardside Spinner
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Price: $520.00 $259.99
Weight: 6.25 lbs
Samsonite Inova 20" Hardside Spinner
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Price: $460.00 $229.99
Weight: 11.1 lbs
Samsonite Inova 30" Hardside Spinner
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Price: $580.00 $289.99
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Why Choose Samsonite Inova Spinner Luggage 

When you choose Samsonite Inova luggage, you get the lightest polycarbonate hardside luggage that Samsonite has to offer. Considering that Samsonite has been a leading brand in the luggage industry for over a century and now sells in over fifty countries world-wide, that's saying a lot. In the Inova collection, Samsonite showcases the beauty, strength, and innovation that the company has acquired during 106 years of experience making quality luggage.

Samsonite Inova Sleek Design and Beauty

When you look at the Samsonite Inova collection, the first thing you notice is its beauty. A sleek design reduces bulk, making the bag appear and feel slim and professional. These cases come in two subtly gorgeous colors: Indigo Blue and Metallic Silver. A shiny textured finish adds a graceful touch and keeps the case looking great for years by hiding potential scratches. 

Samsonite Inova Strength and Durability

The second quality that one immediately notices after using Samsonite Inova products for any length of time is its strength. Made of 100% Makrolon polycarbonate, the sturdy yet lightweight shell promises to defend all you items from moisture and the hardest hits. The telescoping handle adds extra durability by being flush with the rest of the case, reducing the chances of damage. Durability is especially important when choosing luggage because, no matter how responsible you may be, how airline personnel handle your luggage is out of your control.

Samsonite Inova Innovative Features

Finally, as you use your Samsonite Inova luggage, you will quickly come to appreciate its innovative features. Spinner wheels turn 360 degrees to give you perfect maneuverability, taking all of your load's weight off of your arm. Top and side handles provide convenient lifting and carrying options when needed. A TSA integrated combination lock system on the top of the case ensures that you and TSA officials are the only ones who will have access to your items. Organize all your clothing and accessories easily with interior compression straps and zippered dividers.