Samsonite luggage is definitely the king in the luggage industry today. Offering a vast array of luggage collections, Samsonite produces wide variety of bags that meat the needs of any type of traveler, business person, student, or sports enthusiast. From Aspire GR8, Silhouette Sphere 2 or Winfield Fashion 2 with Samsonite spinner wheels to Samsonite Black Label Firelite, there's a bag to fit your traveling or everyday needs.

Be sure to see the all new Samsonite Mightlight This new luggage collection is now Samsonite's lightest weight luggage to date. So lite that the Samsonite Mightlight 21 Carry on Spinner comes in at only 6 lbs. Now that is extremely lightweight luggage. We were also impressed with how durable these bags where and the with the smooth Samsonite sphere spinner wheels.

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Experience The Quality Of Samsonite Luggage

Samsonite luggage has been an industry leader since 1910. Offering a wide selection of high-quality, durable products at reasonable prices, Samsonite has made itself a household name by performing beyond consumer expectations. is honored to be an authorized dealer for Samsonite luggage, only selling first quality their products.

At, it is our mission to provide our customers access to the finest Samsonite Spinner products in the industry for less. We are part of a family-owned business that dates back to 1971. Since our inception, we have constantly worked to deliver the best products at the most competitive prices. To this end, we offer a Price Beater Challenge on all of our Samsonite luggage sets and other products. At, it is our pleasure to offer our customers convenience and security in ordering products from the renowned Samsonite luggage line. You can place your order directly from our online store or contact us directly for telephone orders. We're here to help make sure your experience shopping with us is a great one.

Review Samsonite Luggage Collections

Samsonite Cruisair DLX Luggage Series

If security for your luggage is important, then look no further than the new Samsonite Cruisair DLX. Unlike other hard shell luggage that use a week zipper, Cruisair DLX uses a metal frame to secure this luggage and keep your packed belongings out of the hands of thieves. Besides security, the all aluminum frame provides protection from water leaking into your baggage, something that a zipper closer can not claim. The 100% polycarbonate shell is extremely durable, flexible, and very lightweight. This case also boasts 4 dual spinner wheels for a easy smooth ride and maneuverability.  The Cruisair Dlx by Samosnite is also extremely attractive and provides the extra security you need in the world we live in today other bags just don't offer.

Samsonite DK3 Luggage Series

Samsonite dk3 Luggage CollectionThe Samsonite DK3 Luggage collection is great choice for the frequent or business traveler. Dk3 built with durability in mind yet it still lightweight. You can feel the difference in the channel groove air craft grade tubing giving the handle system a extreme sturdy feel to the bag, none of that wobbly feeling you get from cheaper upright handles systems. The fabric used here is a beefier ballistic nylon that will not tear and resist abrasion and is water repellant. The Samsonite dk3 duals spinner wheels are larger on the back set making it easier to roll if you want to tip the bag back for a two wheel ride for speed.

Samsonite Silhouette XV Luggage Series

Samsonite Silhouette XV Luggage Collection

The Samsonite Silhouette XV is the newest addition to the Silhoette line. The durability of this line decreases the worry of damaging luggage when travelling across rough terrain. Samsonite accomplishes this by using camber instructed Tru-Trac wheels that have a V-shape to increase accuracy of direction. The Silhouette XV series also has the RightHeight Pull Handle system which allows travellers to custmoize their desired handle height. In addition, the Samsonite Silhouette XV Medium Glider is popular among customers due to its lower center of gravity, a wider carrying handle, and best-in-class wheels. The interior of the Silhouette XV series has many organizational compartments and a spacious main compartment accompanonied by tie-down straps, which creates a less stressful packing experience for travellers. The Samsonite Silhouette XV collection is designed for all ranges of travellers because of its durability and wide selection of pieces. 

Samsonite Cosmolite 3.0 Luggage Collection 

Samsonite Cosmolite 3.0 Luggage CollectionThe all new Cosmolite 3.0 collection by Samsonite reinvented the original series to provide customers with the classic look of the Cosmolite while being much lighter. The line utilizes durable and lightweight Curv material, lightweight carrying handles, TSA combination locks, a mono-tube retractable handle, 360 degree spinner wheels, cross straps to ensure security of one's contents, and a zippered divider which provides travellers with extra storage space. The series is offered in a range of sizes including a 20 inch, a 28 inch, and a 33 inch. With Samsonite Cosmolite 3.0 customers recieve a product that has a fashionable appearance, durability, and lightweight material. 

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion (Hardside) Luggage Collection

Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Luggage CollectionThe Winfield 2 Fashion (Hardside) by Samsonite offers costumers a fashionable line of luggage that holds true to the high quality that Samsonite always delivers. The Winfield 2 Fashion (Harside) is 100% polycarbonate, which prevents dents from occuring while still protecting the content inside. In addition to its durability, the line was designed to have beautiful brush strokes in the coloring in order to mask scratches that may occur. The Winfield 2 Fashion (Hardside) is equipt with technology such as a full zip interior divider with organizational pockets, a TSA lock, telescoping grab handels, and 360 degree spinner wheels. The line is offerred in a 20 inch, a 24 inch, and a 28 inch size. The Winfield 2 Fashion (Harside) is perfect for the fashionable traveller that still desires functionality. 

Samsonite LIFT2 Luggage Series

Samsonite Lift2 Luggage SeriesSamsonite Lift2 luggage is Samsonite's super lightweight soft side luggage, the lightest luggage Samsonite makes. They offer a stunning appearance that is also durable. Samsonite Lift bags boast spinner wheels and locking handles for easier transit across busy airports. LIFT 2 also uses a unique channel groove handle system for a sturdy feel and long-lasting life. The best selling Samsonite Lift2 21" Carry on Spinner comes in at only 6.5 pounds. This allows for less strain on your arm, wrists and shoulders.

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Luggage Series

Samsonite Freeform Hardside Luggage SeriesThe Samsonite Freeform Hardside collection is designed with a hard exterior injected with polypropelene to promote luggage that is water resistant, lightweight, durable and flexible. Samsonite has created a line that includes organizational pockets and straps, easily meanuvarable wheels, a TSA lock, an option for expansion, an ID tag, and a recessed metal logo plate that gives a modern design to the series. The collection is offerred in three sizes: a 21 inch that is available in sage green or white; a 24 inch available in sage green, white, or black; and a 28 inch that is available in sage green or white. Customors are also able to purchase this line as the Samsonite Freeform 3 Piece Set Expandable Spinners. The Freeform Hardside collection by Samsonite is an ellegant series that provides customers with durability and great maneuverabiltiy. 

Samsonite Aspire Xlite Luggage

Samosnite Aspire Xlite Luggage CollectionThe goal of Samsonite's Aspire Xlite collection is to combine being lightweight with durability. Because this line is designed with polyester and steel wire construction, the Aspire Xlite line achieves just that. The collection provides customers with additional technology to ensure satisfaction such as: organizational pockets, an option for expansion, interior cross-straps, padded carrying handles in multiple locations, and 360 degree spinner wheels. The collection is available in three different sizes (20 inches, 25 inches, and 29 inches), a boarding bag, and two different garment bags. The Samsonite Aspire Xlite Boarding Bag is increasingly popular among Luggage Base customers because of its large U-shape opening, various carrying handles, and SmartSleeve that allows travellers to slide the bag over other handles. The Aspire Xlite collection is designed for travellers desire durable and leightweight luggage.

Samsonite Inova Luggage Collection

Samsonite Inova Luggage CollectionAs one of Samsonte top hard side luggage collections, the Samsonite Inova is a best seller and offers durability by using an exterior made of 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate, the best polycarbonate on the market, providing superior impact resistance and reliability. Inova is also the only luggage to use a mono pole handle system, freeing up additional space in your bag to giving you a bigger packing capacity. The 360 degree double spinner wheels maintain an effortless glide along airline corridors and streets.

Samsonite Firelite Black Label Luggage Collection

Samosnite Firelite Black Label Luggage CollectionHere Samsonite uses Curve technology to produce a hard sided Samsonite Firelite that is extremely lightweight, yet durable luggage models. So durable that these suitcases can be ran over by a Mac truck and still retain their shape. They feature spinner wheels and a locking handle system for transit ease. You get extra packing capacity with the Firelite mono pole handle system that is extremely sturdy feeling and durable.

Samsonite Stryde Luggage Collection

Samsonite Stryde Luggage CollectionBy changing the shape of the main compartment and widening the handle, the new Stryde luggage collection by Samsonite is easier to maneauver due to its unique design. This line of luggage offers customers with an extra wide and easy to grip handle, a 3-dial TSA lock, lightweight polycarbonate material, a variety of interior pockets for easy organization, corner guards to prevent damage, and interior cross-straps to keep all one's content in place. The Samsonite Stryde Glider Medium Journey and the Samsonite Stryde Glider Long Journey are both desired products because of the unique physics that allow for a lower center of gravity to maximize control and maneuverabilty. 


Samsonite Laptop bags

The samsonite luggage name is also considered tops in the business world. The company's line of briefcases is designed to suit a number of distinct styles. From the side loader mobile office to the Focus III hardside attaché, quality, beauty, and performance go along with these cases naturally.

Samsonite Duffels

Samsonite also makes a line of highly portable and durable wheeled duffels. These bags provide a tremendous amount of storage space in a convenient package.

Customer Reviews of Samsonite Luggage

Terry from Chicago, IL US - "I got the Samsonite Elite Bold large hardsided luggage and it seem very durable. The surprise was how light weight this suitcase is. Fast shipping and a great price from Luggagebase made the purchase even more satisfying."

Alan Jerome Sheffield from Saltillo/MS - "I just got back from MSP, went thru 6 airplanes, and the sam. is awesome. Handle is the right length, plenty of room, spins in a 360, and looks better than a secret agent's bag! Luggage base was tied for the lowest price, so the price if fair, too. Remember, this small case can be valet (planeside), so you will not have to pay for checking a bag. I love this case. Also, Sam gives you a 10 year warranty. My mom and dad still have their 30 year old Sam. luggage, so surely this will last over the 10 year warranty. I hope my preview helped.

Nissa Lind — "My mom told me Luggagebase had the best prices for the Samsonite lift spinner and she was right! Quick delivery for our trip and it was so easy to pack for a week and travel with. I even had room left over for the extras we always bring back and that is usually not the case with my suitcases and packing! The best part was I didn't have to worry about going over the airline weight limit the way I used to with my old, heavy easy to tip over suitcases."   
Sacto Sal from Sacramento, CA - "I bought this Samosonite Lift and the larger size as well, and have been using both of them for about a year. I did a lot of traveling this year, both short and long trips, so they got a good testing. I love them both! They are both light weight, but not cheap or flimsy. They pack really well, especially with packing cubes, which I use. My one complaint about the smaller one is when I get the front pockets loaded, it tips over forward, unless I prop it against a wall or my leg, or just hold onto it. It would be great if it had a metal bar to keep it upright. The wheels are terrific, and very sturdy. I can put my smaller carryon on top and wheel them together. I highly recommend these suitcases! "