Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek Luggage is the leading manufacturer of luggage, travel accessories, and packing cubes for any travel adventure around the world. Choose Eagle Creek luggage lines like Exploration Series with the popular Eagle Creek Tarmac AWD, Outdoor Gear, Lync System or EC Adventure. Eagle Creek is also famous for their pack-it system, folders, packing cubes, pouches, and Eagle Creek accessories.

We like to call them travel tools, and they are everything you need to make the journey easier: packing solutions to keep you wrinkle free and organized, security items to ensure your stuff remains your stuff, and a whole array of products designed to make you more comfortable along the way. With focused on quality, Eagle Creek pay attention to the details that make these bags full of useful features for the frequent travel and bags that will last a lifetime. Eagle Creek Warranty called "No Matter What" lifetime warranty even covers airline damage for several of the Eagle Creek luggage collections.

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Realize Superior Quality Of Eagle Creek Luggage

Eagle Creek luggage has been one of top picks for Luggage Base customers of the past few decades and a leader in travel gear bags. With great attention given to detail, quality, durability, and the best of function, Eagle Creek travel luggage has established itself as a worldwide leader in manufacturing of superior quality travel gear and travel accessories.

Eagle Creek Luggage

Over thirty-five years of designing and refining Eagle Creek luggage makes for some extraordinarily well thought-out travel gear and luggage. Whether a trip of a lifetime, or the every day commute, Eagle Creek has got the bag for you. Experience the quality of Eagle Creek luggage and take the all new Eagle Creek Flyte collection for a spin on your next adventure.

Experience Eagle Creek Luggage Collections


Eagle Creek Exploration Series Luggage Collection

Eagle Creek Exploration 4 Luggage

See why Eagle Creek Exploration Series by Eagle Creek has been voted as one of the industries best luggage and travel gear collections. From the popular Tarmac AWD, ORV Trunks, to the Morphus and Switchback Max rolling convertible backpacks, Eagle Creek takes innovation to the limit, producing gear bags that have the features the frequent seasoned traveler is looking for. Combining durability, lightweight and functionality, Eagle Creek Exploration Series goes a step further than the competition by giving you ease of mind with an all inclusive "No Matter What" lifetime warranty that even covers airline damage. So even if the airline or cruise ship damages your luggage and wont do anything to fix it, Eagle Creek will .... No Matter What!

Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear Luggage Collection

Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear LuggageMade to withstand the test of the outdoor life, the Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear luggage collection features a simple design with rugged materials that are extremely lightweight, perfect for any travel experience including the outdoors. The Outdoor Gear collection by Eagle Creek also uses bright fabrics so your luggage is easier to spot weather in the woods or on the airline baggage claim carousel.  Some of the best Outdoor Gear sellers include the Gear Warrior Wheeled Duffel 32, the Outdoor Gear Load Warrior Wheeled Duffel 22, and the Outdoor Gear Load Hauler backpack duffel. Other features we liked were the Stowable Equipment Keeper™ bungee cord with Porter Key™ bottle opener, durable smooth riding inline skate wheels, and multiple grab handles and cinch down straps to keep your gear secure.

Eagle Creek Luggage Packing Cubes & Folders

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes & FoldersEagle Creek is the leader when it comes to packing organization. With every possible scenario in mind, the Eagle Creek Packing Cubes has a packing cube, folder or bag that will collaborate perfectly with your luggage to save you time and packing space. The Eagle Creek packing cubes are great for packing socks, underwear, tee shirts, while the packing folders are perfect for keeping your dress shirts, polo shirts, pants or blouses neat, organized and wrinkle free. You can pack any of these in the main compartment of your luggage or bag or even stow it in an outside pocket. It doesn't really matter where you put them in you suitcase because each Eagle Creek Pack-it is self contained to keep your clothes organized and handy. The Pack-it system creates more room in your bag and also makes it super convenient when you get to your destination you can just through each packing cube or folder into the dresser drawers or just live right out of your baggage.

Eagle Creek Expanse Luggage Collection

Eagle Creek Expanse Luggage

The all new Expanse Collection by Eagle Creek EC exhibits the type of durability and versatility that has made this brand famous. Although the outside of the luggage has a clean finish, it incorporates high end technology that protects not only the luggage but also the cargo it carries. Such technology includes a mesh compartment for an ID, treaded wheels, armor that inhibits scuff marks, fabric that repels water, a Central Lock Point with Secure Zip Toggles that prevent pick pocketting from occuring, and lockable self repairing zippers. This Expanse Collection includes an assorment of pieces such as AWD 4-wheeled Uprights, 2-wheeled Uprights, Totes, Convertables, Dropbeds, and an assorment of Duffel bags. A bestseller of the collection is the AWD Carry On Upright. The Eagle Creek Expanse Collection is a line desinged for travellers seeking adventure as the series promotes durability and organization. 

Eagle Creek EC Adventure Luggage Collection

The Eagle Creek EC Adventure luggage series is one of our top sellers here at Luggage Base. These travel bags are made to be tough and are extremely lightweight. Ec Adventure provides all the conveniences you could want for your journey while being practical and durable. The fabric used here is water repellant and resist abrasions and tear. The wheels are extremely smooth on the Eagle Creek luggage and hold up very well. We have seen less than 1% return rate on the Eagle Creek EC Adventure Collection. But if you should have any problems, you can rest at ease since these bags come with the No Matter What lifetime warranty that covers damage even from the airlines!

We were very impressed with how lightweight these bags really are given all the features the EC Adventure provided and how well made they were as well. The telescoping handle are sturdy and the wheels navigate with ease on the toughest of trips. Some of the more popular bags include the EC Adventure Weekender Bag and the Eagle Creek EC Adventure 4-Wheeled Upright 22"

Eagle Creek Flatbed Duffel AWD Luggage Series

Eagle Creek Flatbed Duffel AWD Luggage SeriesThe Eagle Creek Flatbed Duffels with AWD are the latest in collapsible duffels that are easy to store and super durable. As part of the No Matter What Duffel collection, the Flatbed Duffel AWD come with a lifetime warranty that cover airline damage so your bag is covered no matter what. These bags are extremely durable and very lightweight. Using smooth gliding 4 wheel spinners, these duffels are easy to maneuver and have carry grab handles on the side, top and bottom making the bags easy to store or toss onto beds or into trunks. The fabric is very tough and can withstand the beating airlines can impose and are able to repel water with ease keeping your clothes and valuable dry when you are on your great adventure.

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel

Eagle Cargo Hauler DuffelsThe Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffels are redefining what it means to have lightweight luggage due to a revulotionary durable Bi-Tech Armor Lite material. The fabric is not only water resestant but also ultra light, creating luggage that is one-third the weight of comparable pieces. Holding true to Eagle Creek's durability and versitility standard, this line of duffels includes removable backpack straps, a U-shaped lid to promote accessability, durable lash points for roof attatchment on a car, a padded bottom to protect the inside content, and number 10 lockable zippers. The Cargo Hauler Duffels are available in two styles: a standard duffel ranging from 45L to 120L, and a rolling duffel that is available in 90L and 120L. Out of the various sizes that are offered, the Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffel 60 L / M is the most popular amongst customers. The Cargo Hauler Duffels by Eagle Creek are designed for any adventure at any moment.