Samsonite Tru-Frame

Innovatively designed for journey, the Samsonite Tru-Frame hardside spinner luggage collection combines modern style and function for excellent travel experiences. A modernistic, cyber-inspired exterior shell design is attractive to the modern eye, while the 100% polycarbonate it's on offers ultimate protection. Also in the realm of innovative protection are built-in double combination lock closures and an integrated hidden ID tag.

Tru-Frame cases feature split interiors complete with zippered pockets that will keep you organized throughout your journey. And with double spinner wheels and an ultra-slim frame, you'll be weightlessly gliding through busy ports and stations. Update your luggage to match your modern lifestyle with Tru-Frame luggage by Samsonite

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Weight: 7.5 lbs
Samsonite Tru-Frame 20" Hardside Spinner
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Price: $640.00 $249.99
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Full Review of Samsonite Tru-Frame Luggage

If you're luggage savvy, you know that there are quite a few hardside luggage lines out there now. What sets the Samsonite Tru-Frame collection apart is that it combines all the best qualities of those other collection and then takes it up a notch with top-quality construction and the most modern appearance. Here are what we believe those best qualities are:

- Tru-frame luggage is, first and foremost, strong and secure. A 100% polycarbonate shell stands up beautifully to the rough-and-tumble of normal travel.  All of your items are secured by not one, but two TSA-approved built-in combination lock closures. 

- Secondly, Tru-Frame luggage is easy to transport. Unlike most hardside luggage, Tru-Frame cases feature an ultra-slim frame that makes the boxy shape easier to manage and light to carry. Top and side carry handles and a bottom grip let you lift with ease when needed. Most importantly, dual spinner wheels take all the weight off your arms and glide effortlessly. 

- A lot of hardside luggage focuses just on the outer shell, but Samsonite has given equally detailed attention to the interior design of Tru-Frame luggage. Each side of the shell has its own section, thanks to zippered dividers. Two sets of crossed compression straps keep items from shifting, and zippered compartments keep everything organized.

- Finally, the most obvious attractive quality of Tru-Frame luggage is its modernistic appearance, which features an exterior design evocative of the technologically-driven world in which we live.