Rick Steves

Travel is Rick Steves specialty, and Rick Steves luggage, which he personally designed himself, has been created with all the features a traveler needs

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Weight: 2.8 lbs
Rick Steves Drop-Bottom 21" Duffel - Blowout Special!
Price: $80.00 Sale: $39.90
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Rick Steves Traveling Reviews

Rick Steves is the bestselling author of 30 travel guide books. Spending nearly half a year traveling, has inspired him to become an expert in traveling luggage and backpacks. Rick Steves luggage and backpacks are durable, lightweight, and will last you a lifetime!

LuggageBase is impressed with Rick Steves easy to pack luggage and backpacks, that will be convenient for customers while traveling. Rick Steves travel gear is for travelers interested in luggage and backpacks that are durable, lightweight, functional, and inexpensive.